Hi, i'm Lesley!

I also go by Les!

I'm a designer and illustrator living in Chicago. I graduated in June 2020 from DePaul University with a BFA in Graphic Design and minors in Animation and Game Design. 


I have a passion for 2D/3D motion graphics/animation, illustrations, visual identity, and video game art. I’m flexible with design-related tasks.

I have three years of work experience with past works including Wndr Museum, Pantelope, Mariah On View, DePaul Originals Game Studio, Chicago Housing Authority, and Viragoes.

Outside of work, I’m usually drawing, 3D modeling, jogging, exploring urban life, and playing (or making) video games.


I'm down to collaborate on future projects! For work or ask for Simpsons episode recommendations, contact me at lesleygarcia03(@)gmail.com!



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